"To win the guest's heart we don't need to be the best - but to become the favourite"

Raimonda Grigaite - Kjeldsen


Guestbook Consulting is a service consultancy working with the owners or managers of independent hospitality establishments (hotels, restaurants, coffees) who need support in improving their service and guests' experience. After identifying challenges together, we work on issues such as unhappy guests, low staff performance, lack of motivation, ineffective operations, poor online reputation and many others. Together we create the optimal service quality strategy for your establishment, define the training needs for your team and implement necessary measures to help you achieve your business goals! 

Guestbook Consulting also partner with tour operators & other representatives in the travel industry to assist them in creating development programs and delivering trainings in destinations or individual hotels. 


During my hospitality            I had a chance to try different roles in various countries – from waitressing in UK to entertainment in Turkey, from customer service rep in Spain to quality management in Greece or training & consulting in Germany. Working for one of world’s leading tour operators & cooperating with hotels in number of destinations gave me great opportunity to touch many aspects of tourism business until I found what makes me most happy and satisfied – helping hotels or other hospitality establishments and their people create a better experience for the guests and enhance their business success.

Currently based in Denmark’s beautiful city of Odense, I am ready to visit you in any place of the world and share my experience to create a better  world of hospitality for your guests. 



1. It's not about us - its about them

Our success fully depends on the loyalty and satisfaction of our guests. It is not what we like or how we wish things were done  - it is about what they want and expect. I help you understand your guests better and design your service with them in heart and mind.

2. People are the face & soul of the business

Hospitality excels at human interactions - without the teams our product is worthless. I help your staff to embrace the service mentality and gain skills for creating memorable experiences.

3. Give & take hospitality 

In order for us to succeed individually and benefit from this industry, we need to make it better. Our input is as important as our gain! Sharing our knowledge, experience and best practises can make a difference for each of us, others and hospitality sector itself. Let's #giveandtakehospitality



A strong feeling of hospitality I have developed when I was still a kid – at home I was taught that if a guest comes by I should always not only welcome, invite in, but also offer something to drink or eat. In my family it was more than a politeness – it was the way we believed one should be treated. And it didn’t matter if the guest was a neighbour coming to borrow some salt, or a relative visiting the town – very often it ended with long cosy conversations  or even tiny celebrations.

This mentality followed me over the years and naturally became a part of my personality.

Later, management and business studies in university have taught me the importance of the customer – as the first and most essential part of any business. It has shaped my believe and professional attitude – customer centricity has become a passion and my strategy – the way I always acted in any role in my career.


Today, the combination of these two things – a strong natural sense of hospitality and the focus on the guest - are both my drivers and approach to doing business.

Improve your guests' experience now!

Let's get to know your team & challenges and together identify your training needs. Discover how you can improve your performance and create better experience for the guests. 

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